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Company overview

As an independent company that prizes sustainable results and performance over short-term gains in volatile market conditions, Jonar N. Stein manages the investment portfolios of institutional and private clients alike, focusing on cultivating long-term results and reducing fundamental trading risks while dynamically keeping track of macro-economic trends that can affect the investment process as a whole.

Since our inception we have been driven by the spirit of innovation and guided by our dedication to achieving the financial comfort that our clients seek and towards that goal we employ expert trading strategies and aim to invest across the majority of the private equity range.

Our international clients place their capital and their trust with Jonar N. Stein not only because of the returns that we achieve on their behalf; more importantly it is our ability to timely identify appealing new markets in their incipient stages of development that can offer our clients a head start before others in lucrative fresh markets that has earned us their confidence, respect and partnership.

Our Edge

Established in 2011 Jonar N. Stein is a global asset management and investment firm committed to satisfying our clients’ financial ambitions by providing comprehensive risk-adapted returns in a highly customized manner.

  • The international investment environment is more active than it has ever been, and by working with Jonar N. Stein you can access customized solutions, fruitful long-term partnerships, valuable market insights and risk managed results.

  • We provide our diverse suite of global clients with adaptable investment strategies tailored to their particular needs while keeping in mind existing market conditions.

  • Our far-reaching connections and relationships with international partners offer our clients a range of valuable deals and opportunities.

  • We employ asset managers with proven trading skills, experienced international market research specialists and talented new comers in the industry that aim to make a difference.

  • We utilize a disciplined trading approach that has consistently been proven to add value to client portfolios, reduce investment risks and generate a steady flow of returns.

  • Emerging Markets

    Uncovering opportunities in undervalued markets

  • Personal Advisor

    Managing your portfolio and adding value

  • Risk Management

    Identifying risks and avoiding their impact

  • Market Research

    Comprehensive Global Markets In-Sights

  • Long-Term Results

    Increasing profitability with patience

  • Capital Security

    Ensuring the safety of your returns