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Prior to designing an investment strategy that is right for you, we first get to know the reasons for which you invest and likewise the goals that you want to achieve with your investments. Securing your financial future is our priority as much as it is yours.

Our aim is to personalize your investment strategy in accordance with your requirements and ambitions. By choosing to work with a Jonar N. Stein financial consultant, you will notice that we begin the process by asking what is significant to you and what you wish to achieve.

After we fully comprehend your needs, risk parameters and investment goals we proceed to build a strategy that is customized to your particular requirements.

Working side-by-side

By using Jonar N. Stein’s 5-stage portfolio design procedure, your dedicated financial consultant can assist you with:

  • Pinpointing your risk tolerance parameters.
  • Designing an achievable financial goal in accordance with your specific characteristics and needs.
  • Providing investment recommendations that complement and support your goals.

1st Stage – Where am I at present?

It isn’t easy to begin planning for the future without knowing where you currently stand financially. This means determining and understanding your requirements, evaluating your tolerance to risks and keeping in mind aspects such as income, savings and expenses that can affect your present financial situation.

Knowing these factors will greatly assist your financial consultant’s  ability to provide you with the most appropriate investment recommendations available that complement your goals as well as the strategy that will help us achieve them.

2nd Stage – Where do I aim to be?

After concluding where you currently stand financially, the next stage of the process is to determine where you aim to be. How do you see your future from a financial point of view? What is it that you are trying to achieve?

After determining these aspects your financial consultant will proceed to interpret your vision for the future and generate a personalized and measurable objective as well as a strategy that will keep track of your portfolio’s performance.

Step 3: Am I ready?

This is the point where planning meets action. Once you are aware of your present financial situation, know what you aim for in the future and the level of risk that you are comfortable with your financial consultant will be able to help you with answering the question “Am I ready?”.

At this stage he will assist you with evaluating your current performance and to recommend adjustments that can make a positive impact in terms of achieving your goals.

4th Stage: How do I achieve my goals?

By comprehending the first three stages of this procedure your financial consultant will have a better picture of your financial characteristics in terms of goals, risk tolerance, portfolio performance and presently utilized investment strategy.

Once these factors have been determined your financial consultant can then recommend the most relevant investments, protection and associated services that will increase the probability of achieving the goals you have set in the beginning.

Likewise, it is of significant importance that you are aware of, comprehend and are comfortable with the fees associated with these services. Towards this end your financial consultant will explain to you in detail the costs that are involved before implementing these recommendations.

5th Stage – How do I keep my portfolio performing?

The last stage is the most crucial. After designing a strong strategy, we will collaborate to ensure that your investments are performing as you anticipate; this goes beyond the daily routine in the office – it means timely answering to any questions or concerns that you might have and keeping an eye out for significant developments in your personal life and in the global markets that can affect the current performance of your investment portfolio.