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Jonar N. Stein’s abilities in regards to investing in equities are one of the principal drivers of the company’s value creating strategy. We endeavor to meet our investors’ requirements across the board, providing comprehensive development and value investment styles and strategies.


Asset Management

Jonar N. Stein’s asset management specialists bring an accumulated wealth of more than 115 years of experience in managing client assets and provide extensive expertise in handling developed and balanced equity strategies.


We consider that appealing risk adapted returns can be accomplished over the long-term by leveraging a cooperative approach and detailed fundamental research.

Company's Focus

Jonar N. Stein’s focus is to provide our clients with valuable opportunities by investing in quality and high-performing companies that show an increased potential for sustainable development over the long-term. Jonar N. Stein prioritizes companies across the entire international opportunity spectrum that meet the following criteria:

The ability to generate sustainable returns and to guarantee a secure cash flow.

Working with quality and high-performing firms with solid corporate management and financial fortitude.

Estimating if the predicted development opportunity mirrors the price of the stock.