Fixed Income

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Jonar N. Stein’s suite of fixed income specialists possesses the necessary expertise across the most important sectors of the F.I. market, including, but not limited to, international bonds, municipal bonds, global debt.

Every sector that we target is scrutinized by a committed team, allowing us to examine the markets in detail and to identify profitable opportunities.



International Vision

Jonar N. Stein’s international vision is supported by our committed fixed income teams as well as a research team dedicated to macro-economic research and portfolio evaluation.


This global infrastructure, backed by a wealth of resources and talent, permit our specialists to construct portfolios following a disciplined, risk-adapted approach.

Profitability Aspects

Designing profitable portfolios is not an easy task given the volatile nature of the international markets, and as such we focus on three distinct aspects to ensure profitability:

Set their vision in terms of global markets, industrial sectors and currencies in accordance with international financial tendencies and market cycles.

Engage in detailed and specific research in order to uncover lucrative opportunities within their specific sector.

Comprehending risks is vital, and as such our committed team reviews risks across multiple cycles on a consistent basis.