Mutual Funds

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In the first half of the 20th century investing was almost universally reserved for the very rich and for institutions, up until a new type of investment was invented known as a mutual fund.

These types of funds provided investors with the opportunity to pool their capital and acquire stocks or other kind of investments in a mutual manner.


Company’s Standards

Jonar N. Stein commits important resources in our endeavors to uncover profitable mutual funds on behalf of our clients that achieve or provide the following standards:


Distributing profitability and risk across the entire range of your portfolio. Due to the fact that mutual funds carry many investments they can usually be diversified by their type, the size of the firm, industry as well as country/countries.

Specialized management

Jonar N. Stein’s dedicated fund managers possess the necessary know-how and expertise to make important investment decisions by adapting a portfolio’s blend of assets in accordance with shifting market conditions or a firm’s overall performance in order to assist the fund with accomplishing its stated goal.


Besides diversification and comprehensive specialized management, mutual funds provide accessibility in a number of different ways such as a reduced minimum amount of capital needed to invest, the ability to acquire or sell during any given business day and the reinvestment of dividends or profits without any additional charge.